Sizzling Cutie: Katie Stegeman

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With “Madison County” making its World Premiere at ScreamFest 2011, it’s an opportune time to start an infatuation for KATIE STEGEMAN, one of the stars of the gritty 70s-styled horror flick. It’s not just about Rose McGowan and the offsprings of luminaries at ScreamFest as there’s a host of upcoming starlets that we’re sure to have the hots for! KATIE will be there in the flesh to promote “Madison County” where already the promotional teaser sees her scantily clad character Kristen bloodied and scampering for her life in one of the more harrowing sequences. While we can’t get enough of the visceral violence, we can say the same of the young women of horror who over the years should be lauded for their physicality. So often, their contribution is overlooked and KATIE conjures as much intrigue as the Pig-Masked serial killer especially since the backstory on her role has never been revealed.

One thing is certain, it’s a debut to remember for KATIE as she’s an absolute babe! But by no means is she all about being titillating as the filmmakers have promised a return to the nerve-wrecking chills of old school terror….a contender for this generation’s “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” anyone!! In her next feature “Roadside”, KATIE gets even more riveting as a pregnant wife whose only form of safety is a car as a mad gunman rain bullets on her. With an obscene amount of fans on her Facebook Page, it’s apparent that we’re going to be entranced by more than just her drop dead gorgeousness. News just in that “Madison County” is the first film to become a sell-out at Scream Fest….hmm…I reckon it might have something to do with the spellbinding KATIE…:)

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