Indie Princess: Heather L. Tyler

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Regarded as one of the most promising actresses on the indie scene, HEATHER L. TYLER has the ability to move viewers. Be it emotionally or with a chilling brevity as she has done in several horror features, she’ll effortlessly beguile you from start to finish. HEATHER’s distinctively mesmerizing features serves to add an enchanting depth when she delves into character. On TV, she’s already done that in a recurring role on “The Bridge”. Seems like “The Bridge” is turning into quite a popular series and if you haven’t already, catch Heather in episodes 8 and 9 of the thrilling first season. She plays Jill who had an affair with homicide detective Marco Ruiz which stirs up some complications. While I’m not going to reveal too much, Heather’s character could be central as to why the brutal killer is doing all the slaying. One can sense she’s slated for an amazing career ahead.

Reason enough to visit the HEATHER L. TYLER OFFICIAL SITE to acquaint yourselves with this beauty who is on the fast track to stardom. Her tigerish performance on “House Of Bad” have garnered her noteworthy reviews and yet she can also be a turn on with a quiet sensuality as she did on the comedic web series “White Girls”. What we have in our midst is a fearless talent; a blue-eyed temptress at times and a soulful cutie at other moments onscreen. We can already envision HEATHER as one of this year’s most coveted girls to watch.

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