Sizzling Cutie: Carolyn Marie Wright

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Carolyn Marie Wright is just the sort of talent to warm our hearts and leave us tingling with happy thoughts. Known for being down to earth, playful, and (mostly) wholesome (as the intro on her website espouses), Carolyn has been a delight on both the stage and screen. Incidentally, she’s been busy into rehearsals for “Much Ado About Nothing” at Theatricum Botanicum directed by Ellen Geer (Harold and Maude). She plays Margaret, a lady’s maid who loves to tell bawdy jokes and tease her ladyship. Carolyn is fond of doing Shakespeare and this part will be a lot fun! Opening night so happens to be this week the Sat July 12! I first came across her work as a conscientious mom in the indie short “Wini + George which won the Audience Award for Outstanding Dramatic Short Film at Outfest 2013. It’s a great reminder of memorable films which have graced Outfest including the collection that’s currently screening at this year’s edition.

Here’s Carolyn talking about her time on the movie:

‘Working with the cast and crew on “Wini + George” was wonderful. Our director Ben Monie wrote a beautiful screenplay, and I am so proud of the film. Being on set with Katherine Ross was really cool. She is so eloquent and observant. Watching her film scenes with Will (the young actor playing George) was really special. There’s nothing like being on set, especially when you get to watch a legend like Katherine do her thing. Pretty awesome.’

A true sweetheart in every sense of the word, Carolyn is effortlessly easy on the eyes and it’s no surprise she’s a whiz at comedy. To tickle audiences pink requires a lovable spirit which she has in abundance.

Here’s Carolyn giving us a glimpse into her current and future endeavors:

‘My next project is a comedic short film called “Losing It” written by Alicia Bien and produced by Wim Bien. I am really excited to film with Alicia. Last year, we worked together on “There Will Be Snacks”, a sketch comedy showcase that featured eight female writer-performers and was performed at The Second City Hollywood and Comedy Central Stage. As for film fests this year, I am not currently scheduled, however will be submitting several projects. I am developing a new comedy web series with the working title “Good Girl, Bad Girl” with Mia Pinchoff. We are writing, producing and starring in it. Will be submitting to festivals, for sure! In pre-production now. Seems like I’m The Queen of Shorts! Am excited to make the transition into features and TV this year. Filmed a small role in “The Jokesters” coming soon with Reinventing Films. Signed with new management at Studio Talent Group in January, and things are coming together.’

It definitely feels right to shower Carolyn with adoration as she continues to be a captivating essence in a variety of medium…:)

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