The Must Watch Horror Hotties @ ScreamFest LA 2014

1. Ashley C. Williams in “Julia”


– Come 21st October, many fans can’t wait to see Ashley as the titular Julia seeking revenge on the men who drugged and violated her body.
– Hell Hath No Fury like a woman scorned and her transformation from meek girl to seductive killer is a must watch.
– Ashley is part of the generation of actresses who are not afraid to step it up in controversial themes such as rape/revenge and of course body horror!

2. Claire Scott in “Welcome To The Building”

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– Don’t miss her in “Welcome To The Building” as a woman who is the subject of an innocent crush by her neighbor until things get out of hand and it turns dangerous.
– With her kissable features, it’s no wonder Claire is an infatuation onscreen as this Australian Vixen would probably be in real life too!
– She also recently dazzled in another short “Love and Dating in LA!”, a dark comedy which has had a great festival showing.

3. Jessica Cameron & Heather Dorff in “The Tour”


– They’re the epitome of Scream Queens in “The Tour” with their cascading shrieks playing American tourists discovering the dark secrets of Darkmoor Manor in London, UK.
– The chemistry between Jessica and Heather is undeniable with them having been the riveting twosome in the well received horror flick “Truth Or Dare”.
– It’s no surprise they are both a fixture on this blog as they seem to have the magic touch of re-inventing themselves in the characters they’ve played over the years.

4. Meggie Maddock in “The Creep Behind The Camera”

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– One can anoint Meggie as the “Marilyn Monroe” of the horror genre as she’s a certified Goddess and is the face that’s genuinely fascinating us.
– She takes on the persona of Mamie Van Doren, another famed sex symbol in “The Creep Behind The Camera” based on the sleazy real life monster movie filmmaker Vic Savage.
– Watch her mesmerizing yet gory turn as a struggling actress with a taste for flesh in “Eat” and you’ll be convinced that’s she headed for stardom.

5. Reanin Johannink in “I Survived A Zombie Holocaust”

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– Ever since Reanin came into our viewfinders as the foxy Martha Popkin in “All Cheerleaders Die”, she’s been quite the obsession for around the world!
– Sex appeal is a trait she has in abundance and with her personable nature, she’s becoming a desirable lady for many impressionable hearts.
– This Kiwi beauty shows she has wonderful comedic flair too playing an actress with a diva-ish attitude in the zom-com “I Survived A Zombie Holocaust”.

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