Starlets To Crave at Cannes Film Festival 2016 – Part 2

Nicole Watson, Director of “Sustainable Futures: Survivor Girls”


– Nicole Watson is already in attendance at Cannes in support of her documentary short “Sustainable Futures: Survivor Girls” which she directed. She of course looks every bit the blonde bombshell on the red carpet.
– Unveiling how a solar energy and water filtration system that was donated to a sex trafficking rescue shelter in Kolkata, India impacts everyone, this is aimed at all of us to think intensely about environmental and social change.
– In the upcoming action flick “Enter the Diamond”, Nicole enters into femme fatale mode as the Black Widow, a sexy provocateur and international thief pursued by a British secret service agent. Don’t we all love to chase after her!

Julia Aks in “No Evil”


– Her adorable, playful spirit is indicative of the draw of indie darling Julia Aks and she pretty much was a scene stealer in the festival favourite horror comedy “Clinger”. As the cynical Kelsey Peterson, her dismissive attitude of her sister’s love life was funny and fascinating.
– Curiosity has often killed the cat and will it ring true in her thrilling short film “No Evil”. She stars as Liz who on the whim with her friend Max eavesdrop on the take-out delivery man only to face a fight for survival.
– She’s currently performing in the Los Angeles Opera’s LA BOHÉME which is described as an unforgettable blend of riveting theater and achingly beautiful music, showcasing Julia’s flair as a Mezzo Soprano opera singer.

Clara Pasieka in “Currency”


– As you will discover from the number of Canadian Vixens with features at Cannes 2016, the eminently talented Clara Pasieka is a genuine charmer. She was notably mesmeric as Amy Dudley on “Reign” and in the ensemble drama “Maps To The Stars”.
– In the short film “Currency”, she plays a young woman who has more Instagram followers than money in her bank account which becomes a facade to her lack of direction. Check out the trailer here:
– Impeccably talented on both sides of the camera, she’s steadily affirming her virtues as a prodigious screen siren. Look out for her alongside Alec Baldwin and Michelle Ryan in the sci-fi actioner “Andron” which is available on iTunes now.

Tonya Cornelisse in “Take The Reins”


– A fearless actress, Tonya has excelled each time she’s called upon to flesh out multi-faceted personas onscreen. Be it on stage as she shone in Buried Child – Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize winning play or so luminously in a myriad of indie films, she’s arrestingly wonderful.
– She’s been lauded as an incredible performer by the director of the short film “Take The Reins” and she’s certainly going to be stirringly captivating in this thought-provoking tale of being perfect in the eyes of our family as well as society yet we never will.
– Tonya is the mistress of subtlety and dynamism at the opportune moments, peppering her characters with just the right amount to reel viewers in. If there’s one actress I love to compare her with, it would be Sarah Paulson.

Helena Marie in “A Late Thaw”


– Helena Marie is a perennial Canadian darling on this blog and with good reason; her absorbingly sensitive performances include the role of Beth Willis, a grief-stricken wife on “Supernatural” whose husband seems very unlike himself after returning from the war.
– In “A Late Thaw”, she plumbs the emotional depth once more as Tara who is at a conundrum when feelings of an old flame come flooding back when her boyfriend presents her with the perfect house.
– With a starring role in the upcoming western “Stagecoach: The Texas Jack Story” which focuses on the life of outlaw Nathaniel ​Reed, the luscious Helena is proving her worth as a versatile and engaging screen beauty.

Jessica Harmon in “Reset”


– Jessica Harmon is now one of the Goddess of Television with meaty roles on both “iZombie” and “The 100” after blossoming with her foxy fervour as Chalciope in “Olympus”. I’m sure many fans would love to see her as the sassy Agent Dale Bozzio in her own show!
– Our addiction with Canadian finest actresses will grow unabated thanks to the sexy Jessica and judging from the hot trailer of sci-fi short “Reset”, we may yet get to see shots of her excelling as the epitome of temptation.
– She’s also likely to be spoken of fondly since her endeavours in the insanely popular zombie sub-genre is set to continue with her starring in “Dead Rising: Endgame” which sees her team up with fellow “The 100” hottie Marie Avgeropoulos.

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