Indie Sweethearts To Adore @ Winter Film Awards Indie Film Fest 2017

Jaimi Paige in “Be Afraid”

actress jaimi paige be afraid

– Just like The Candyman, the Shadow People are a terrifying threat in “Be Afraid” which stars Jaimi Paige as Heather Chambers whose family are preyed upon after the move into their eerie new home.
– Her rapturous charms will endear herself to many an indie fan and Jaimi Page will be dazzling it up as the leading lady of “Green Eyes” based on the sexually charged play by Tennessee Williams.
– She has also guest-starred on “Rizzoli & Isles” as Wendy Allen, an ex-convict who has seemingly been manipulated by a suspected killer and she even gets to point a gun at Angie Harmon’s Jane Rizzoli!

Fiona Hardingham in “Shoot Me Nicely”

actress fiona hardingham shoot me nicely

– Ever since her memorable short “The Manager” won the Best Short award, we’ve adored Fiona Hardingham whose had a wonderful run on the festival circuit and this week she’s a foxy one in the comedy “Shoot Me Nicely”.
– Having appeared in the Bella Thorne comedy “The Duff” and the TV series “Nashville” in supporting roles, it’s time the world get smitten with this shimmering and versatile English Rose of independent cinema.
– Don’t miss her in the award-winning British drama “Solitary” as Maxine, the catty assistant of the sister of Katharine Lee McEwan’s bitchy leading lady Nora. You’ll love Fiona’s accents of feisty attitude onscreen.

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Bettina Skye in “Laid To Rest”

actress bettina skye laid to rest

– Look out for Bettina in the haunting short film “Laid To Rest” which is about spirits trapped in the realm of purgatory as they relive their painful past in this gothic horror by award winning director Jennifer Valdes.
– She also starred in another Jennifer Valdes film as the serial killer Sasha Greenway in “Escape from Kings Park” and with numerous roles well into 2017, she could soon been one of independent film’s most celebrated actresses.
– Known for her gritty and spunky character work on film and television, Bettina is recognizable as a dedicated performer with a diverse range having been a vision of sensual hilarity as Oksana in “Kung Fu and Titties”.

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Natalie Jones in “Dead Awake”

actress natalie jones dead awake

– With her kissable lips, indie horror starlet Natalie Jones is certainly part of the appealing female cast of the sleep paralysis thriller “Dead Awake” which includes Jocelin Donahue and Brea Grant.
– “Dead Awake” is reminiscent of the supernatural slasher “A Nightmare On Elm Street” and Natalie herself has appeared in a similar surrealism of terror, having starred in the Lovecraftian nightmare flick “Imago”.
– This Texas hottie also caught the eye in “Foreseeable” as Alayna Sage, a young woman with psychic abilities who tries to guide a man with comparable abilities that allosw him to see visions of portending murders.

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