Hot Actress #400 – Heather Matarazzo:Indie Queen

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Heather Matarazzo is an entertainer who punctuates exclamation points throughout her established career. Her breakout role came in Welcome To The Dollhouse and ever so often she’s fronted mainstream hits such as ‘THE PRINCESS DIARIES’ and its sequel in the midst of indies such as ‘SAVED’ and the upcoming ‘MANGUS’ (she’s a newly minted blonde in this movie). The “Road Trip Meets Jesus Christ Spectacular” premise is rather interesting with HEATHER cast as a character called Jessica Simpson!!. In addition, it was recently announced that Heather will star in ‘MANSON GIRLS’ as part of the harem of notorious cult leader Charles Manson, I’m expecting yet another strong performance from her. I was also thrilled seeing her in ‘HOSTEL 2’ a few years back as I’m a big horror buff even though she was horribly massacred in that torture porn. Thus, it’s an honor to have her as the 400th featured actress on my blog today.

Her Independent Spirit Award win at the age of 12 justified her infallible talents at an early stage of her career and she has since enjoyed commercial as well as critical success in film and on television. Openly a lesbian actress, her activism in areas such as gay/lesbian rights and the recent Love Is Louder movement which deals with suicide is inspirational. Having struggled with sexual identity issues throughout her life, it’s great to see her showing support for those important causes. With Sundance fever in the air, it’s time to pay homage to the women in independent cinema starting with the venerated HEATHER MATARAZZO.

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