Indie Darlings To Adore @ North Hollywood CineFest 2017

Marem Hassler in “Inside Guy”

actress marem hassler inside guy

– A classy, evocative actress, Marem Hassler is a desirable face of indie films. Her new web-series “Riley Parra” based on writer Geonn Cannon’s popular lesbian book is going to make her even more sought after!
– She cuts quite the sensual figure as Dr. Hahn in the comedy “Inside Guy” which is about a man who hallucinates that his member is a voice in his head that advises him on how to please women.
– Don’t miss the ravishing Marem in the coming-of-age comedy “Girl Flu” alongside film stalwarts Katee Sackhoff and Heather Matarazzo which is poised to have an amazing run on the festival circuit too.

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Melody Peng in “The Proposed & “The Big Day”

actress melody peng the big day

– When it comes to the inviting Melody Peng, it’s double the viewing pleasure as she appears in two features, the first being the romantic comedy short “The Proposed” and the second the wedding comedy “The Big Day”.
– In “The Proposed”, she stars as Lisa whose favourite spot to chill also happens to be the venue for other colourful couples which of course create tension that blows out of proportions in the most humorous way.
– Having guest-starred on shows such as “Jane The Virgin” and “Angel Of Hell”, her standing as a comic is one of glowing vibrancy. Look out for her to thread more darker fare in the upcoming horror flick “Deacon”.

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Melody Melendez in “Speak Now”

actress melody melendez speak now

– With her film “Speak Now” getting nominated for Best Picture and the beautiful Melody Melendez also up for the Best Actress Award at this year’s NoHo Cinfest, she’s on the cusp of fandom as her wonderful prominence grows.
– Scandals abound and relationships are altered significantly as Melody dazzles in the role of TJ, a bridesmaid at a bachelorette party who discovers a wealth of secrets in the entertaining “Speak Now”.
– While we’ve seen her excel in the realm of drama and comedy, horror fans will also rejoice as they get to see another enchanting side of her as she’s slated to appear in the terror tale “Single AF”.

Brittany Belt in “Heels”

actress brittany belt heels

– We know her to be one of the most adorable faces of indie cinema and television so it’s no surprise that she’s a stunner on the red carpet at NoHo CinFest in support of her heartfelt familial drama “Heels”.
– In “Heels” which is about Ronnie and Jodi Lackey who enter the wrestling ring to save their dad’s restaurant, Brittany is most definitely stealing hearts on screen as Tammy, Ronnie’s married love interest.
– Audiences would have find her pleasing geniality on shows such as “Castle”, “Parenthood” and “Switched At Birth”. She has also appeared alongside Jason Sudeikis in “Mother’s Day” which starred Jennifer Aniston.

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Najarra Townsend in “Feeding Time”

actress najarra townsend feeding time

– Don’t miss the foxy Najarra Townsend in her most eccentric role yet as Vicki, one-half of an oddball couple who hire an unsuspecting babysitter which leads her down curiosity lane and onto dangerous grounds.
– Najarra is a prominent figure on the independent scene with her stirring performances in features such as “Contracted”, “The Stylist”, “Wolf Mother” and “The Toy Soldiers” garnering glorious commendations.
– She will undoubtedly dazzle us as she returns to straight up horror in the serial killer thriller “Rock Paper Dead” which is helmed by acclaimed director Tom Holland of “Fright Night” and “Child’s Play” fame.

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