Screen Sirens To Adore @ Big Apple Film Fest 2017

Christine Weatherup in “Stealing Zen”

actress christine weatherup stealing zen big apple film festival

– Her immaculate performance in the drama “Bread And Butter” installed her as an indie actress to covet and the graceful Christine Weatherup went on to essay memorable instances on film, television and the web.
– The relatable essence she deftly projects as Elizabeth, the concerned sibling who helps her jilted sister Tara (Abigail Wright) to steal a lucky rock in the short film “Stealing Zen” makes her a most enchanting watch.
– While we were not able to catch her on the latest episode of “Criminal Minds” due to the Major League Baseball Final, we will not be dodging it when it comes to appreciating the finery of the talented Christine.

Katie Maguire in “LI Divas”

actress katie maguire li divas big apple film festival

– Katie Maguire is the esteemed creator and star of the humorous web series “LI Divas” which has seen this wonderful entertainer blossom into one of the most desirable actresses in the comedy genre.
– Having won multiple Best Actress Awards as the classy Gina Gianelli-Goldenbaum, everyone should be in awe of Katie’s comedic flavour as the Long Island Diva with an unquenchable desire for white zin and diamonds.
– Katie has also been garnering attention on the festival circuit having appeared in the horror flick “Terrifier” alongside the above mentioned Samantha Scaffidi and the poignant familial drama “Gold Star”.

Julie Chapin in “Sexual Healing”

actress julie chapin sexual healing big apple film festival

– You could say the vibrant Julie Chapin is a trailblazer with numerous projects this year across multiple channels. This lovely actress is taking on a cavalcade of interesting roles that range in intensity.
– She stars as the mother of the leading lady Gloria Martin in the comedic short “Sexual Healing” by award winning director Mark Cabaroy which tells of a man who suddenly acquires the ability to heal people.
– Don’t miss her in the series “Sangre Negra” which has shades of “Dynasty” and “Dallas” as we are taken into in the political intrigue and romantic saga of the cross-generational story of the Santos Family.

Samantha Scaffidi in “Santino”

actress samantha scaffidi santino big apple film festival

– Effervescently beautiful, Samantha Scaffidi has a glow about her that would be of an endearing note to many eyes and with a busy slate of indie features in the works, she’ll be enriching our hearts for some time.
– It’s easy to see why she’s the stunning love interest of the short film “Santino” an as Michaela who comes into the life of a 27-year old modern-age single Italian man, Samantha captivates from start to end.
– She recently starred in the horror films “Demon Hole” and “Terrifier” as well appearing in the indie films “American Fango” and “Throupie” where both had a healthy reception with film festival attendees.

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