The Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Portland Film Festival 2017

Tasha Ames in “Women And Sometimes Men”

actress tasha ames women and sometimes men portland film festival 2017

– Film Festivals are where the wonderful women of independent cinema make their mark and Tasha Ames, the leading lady of “Women And Sometimes Men” delivers a star-making turn with a complexity that’s stellar!
– She will keep audiences enthralled as Sara, a woman who whilst engaged decides to call off her wedding as she still has desires for women on one hand yet on the under is not able to give up on men completely.
– Tasha has been making her mark on TV with plum roles in “The Originals” as the werewolf Eve and as the feisty Livinia Webb of the wild west in “Quick Draw”. Now she’s cementing her stature as an indie film enchantress.

Bethany Jacobs in “Tomorrow, Maybe”

actress bethany jacobs tomorrow maybe portland film festival 2017

– With 2 features screening at this year’s Portland Film Festival, adoring eyes are gazing upon the comely Bethany Jacobs who stars in the familial drama “Tomorrow Maybe” and the short film “Kids And Politics”.
– Having screened at the prestigious Dances With Films 2017, “Tomorrow, Maybe” has received bountiful praise thank’s to the moving performance of Bethany as Iris Grace, the estranged daughter of an ex-convict.
– The wave of talents from Portland Oregon is certainly being spearheaded by the delectably graceful Bethany and with multiple new features to whet the appetite of the indie community, she’s primed for a meteoric rise.

Katie O’Grady, Director of “Kids And Politics”

director katie o grady kids and politics portland film festival 2017

– More than just a fetching actress, Katie O’Grady has become a much sought after producer on the West Coast with her films regularly dazzling up film festivals which includes “Undeserved” and “Rid Of Me”.
– Kudos to Katie for casting Bethany Jacobs in her latest short film “Kids And Politics” at the Portland Film Fest 2017 which she is in attendance and her endeavours as a burgeoning indie auteur are to be cherished.
– Look out for Katie to enliven the upcoming Netflix dramedy series “Everything Sucks” in her recurring role as Ranger Linda Cook where she’ll definitely be memorable during the nostalgic era of the 90s,

Pooya Mohseni in “After The Date”

actress pooya mohseni after the date portland film festival 2017

– Pooya Mohseni is flying the flag for Trans Actors in a big way with her sterling endeavours on both film and television gaining commendation for the diversity and spirited facets of the women she essays.
– She delves into an emotional headspace in the short “After the Date” as Emma, a woman who has a shared love of photography with her romantic interest Nate but their bond is soon tested when she’s harassed by a cop.
– If you haven’t already, do remember to catch Pooya in the sci-fi series “Falling Water” where she’s a scene stealer as the intimidating Dr Duria who conducts a study on test subject Tess (Lizzie BrocherĂ©).

Hannah Barefoot in “Incendio”

actress hannah barefoot incendio portland film festival 2017

– One could say she’s on the ascendency with captivating roles in films such as “Off the Rails” and “The Kama Sutra Club” as well as guest-starring on TV shows “Good Girls Revolt”, “The Librarians” and “NCIS”.
– Don’t miss her as Inna in the action-packed short “Incendio” as a woman whose online dating experience turns violent as the passion with her paramour turns into a fight fest where they try to off each other.
– Why is Hannah not in the new horror flick “Jigsaw”, extending the blood-soaked “Saw” franchise when she was part of the humorous parody “Working with Jigsaw” which was such an entertaining watch!

Hope Lauren in “The Valley”

actress hope lauren the valley

– The sparkling Hope Lauren is quickly establishing herself as one of the brightest prospects of the indie genre with her features “Different Flowers” and “Nasty Habits” on a sparkling run at multiple film fests.
– She appears in the tragic drama “The Valley” which sees her as the room-mate of Maya, a young Indian woman who committed suicide and tries to help Maya’s Silicon Valley inventor father piece together the reasons why.
– A most fetching face on the small screen, Hope has also played Bizarro on “Supergirl” and had a recurring role on “Awkward” after guest-starring on shows such as “Faking It”, “Major Crimes” and “Togetherness”.

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