SXSW Hotties To Crave in 2013


- What better than having the stunning French temptress Josephine De La Baume to play a conflicted vamp in “Kiss Of The Damned”, a throwback to 70′s Euro Horror.
- Has a fair share of sex scenes with her co-star Milo Ventimiglia and together with Roxanne Mesquida make for quite the delectable sisters seeking blood.
- Those in the know are calling her a fashion muse and why not when she’s a match made in heaven for any label.
- Singer, model and screen vixen, Josephine is a sizzler no matter the medium.

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- Lindsay is expected to be at the SXSW premiere of “A Teacher” and that is a meet-and-great session not to be missed.
- Early promo material of “A Teacher” showed only Lindsay’s back yet she still proved compelling and exuded such captivation!
- Her handling of complex, female-driven characters ensures she’s captivating until the final fade to black.
- Already an indie darling, it won’t be too long before she’s talked up as having been an influential figure in the arena of film.

3. Amanda Fuller & Elissa Dowling in “Cheap Thrills”

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- Amanda Fuller is still a coveted indie queen who is also known as a TV Star thanks to her leading roles in “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Last Man Standing”
- Elissa Dowling is a ravishing Scream Queen making inroads into a variety of genres.
- Amanda plays Audrey in “Cheap Thrills”, the wife of new father Craig whose life is in turmoil after an encounter with rich types who offer him fast money at a heavy price.
- Expect Elissa to be eye-catching in “Cheap Thrills” as the blue-eyed beauty has so often done onscreen as well as print.


- Does it matter the trailer for “Scenic Route” doesn’t reveal her character? Christie is bound to be enticing on many levels!
- Her memorable femme-fatale performance in “Dirty Little Trick” affirm she’s a breakout star in the making.
- With her adorable features, Christie would be equally convincing in a sweetheart role.
- Check her out with the equally enchanting Amanda Righetti in the TV Movie “Shadow Of Fear”.


- Stars alongside Ellen Page and Brit Marling in the hard-hitting thriller “The East” about an anarchist movement.
- Got to love her old-world glamor harking back to the days of the golden era of Hollywood.
- She’s been called a revelation on the LA theatre scene.
- Yet again we have an exquisite newcomer in Ava who is has all the potential to achieve success.


- She’s just been spotted at the SXSW premiere of “Sake-Bomb” looking as radiant as ever!
- Portrayed Becca, the ringleader of the Asians on Season 2 of MTV’s hit series “Awkward” with bitchy aplomb!
- This Taiwanese-American actress is flying the flag for Asians in what is becoming an very increasing interest in talents with an Asian heritage.
- Diversity is what Jessika represents and her versatility is at the centre of her onscreen appeal.

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