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Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s interesting to note that DENISE WILLIAMSON is a multi-talented Terror Hottie; she’s also an accomplished singer and dancer. Hailing from TEXAS, she tickles our fancy in so many ways! DENISE belongs to a new breed of horror heroines that are giving fans everywhere noteworthy performances whenever they essay a role. Perfecting the art of being strong-willed damsels in distress pursued by killers or things, DENISE and her generation of beauties such as JULIN, ROXY VANDIVER, SHELLEY BOOZER are to be remembered. There’s plenty of room for TEXAS hotties and DENISE WILLIAMSON is one of the most fetching. This luscious green-eyed redhead is pretty as a picture and you can check out at the DENISE WILLIAMSON MODEL MAYHEM SITE.

The fact that she’s gonna play a cheerleader on my favorite show ‘FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS’ scores even more points! It has been said that DENISE has a tendency to be cast as a SCREAM QUEEN but we all know she’s capably versatile. Headlining thrillers such as ‘KILLER GIRLS FROM OUTER SPACE’ and ‘CHERRY BOMB’ will intensify her stature. How can anybody miss out on DENISE WILLIAMSON playing a Stripper….hehe. Oh and boy does she have a sweet voice………a real cinematic darling! If you wanna hear that impressive vocals, head over to the DENISE WILLIAMSON MYSPACE SITE. I may have missed out on a Texan siren if she hadn’t reminded me so from now on I’m a firm follower of the sexy peach DENISE WILLIAMSON….:)

This amazing cutie can be found at IMDB: More Info on DENISE WILLIAMSON

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