Rising Starlet: Jessica Whitaker

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Ever since Katie Holmes embodied the quintessential girl next door Joey in “Dawson’s Creek”, we’ve always held an undying fascination for cuteness and actress JESSICA WHITAKER radiates with a similar purity. Just like Katie, Jessica also hails from the state of Ohio…indeed they both have gorgeous genes! That doesn’t mean she can’t turn on the sexiness once in a while as she did belly-dancing (above) in the horror romp “Killjoy 3”. JESSICA plays Sandy who gets plunged into the world of the demonic clown-faced Killjoy and has to save her skin by means of seduction. One can see JESSICA had fun sashaying her flawless body and for me the most memorably amusing part was when as Sandy, she revealed to Killjoy that she’s a virgin hence sealing the tempting act. Check out the behind the scenes video (also above) of that “love-making” scene plus interview snippets with the lovely JESSICA. She’s an absolute sweetheart and interestingly enough, everything was filmed in China. Harking back to the good old days when horror didn’t take itself too seriously or populated with emo kids and having JESSICA as the heroine was wonderfully apt! She’s massively easy on the eyes and I love that she’s allowed the license to be playful.

JESSICA does traverse the horror route once more in suspense thriller “The Guest” which was an official selection at several festivals last year and stars Alyshia Ochse (i’m doing up a feature on her soon too). She’s also in a series of dramatic shorts, one of which is “Grass Is In Never Greener”. So fetchingly serene, it’s easy to get ourselves infatuated with her. In the prosperous arena of independent films, keep a watchful eye on the beautiful JESSICA WHITAKER whose flourishing talents are not too be missed.

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