Indie Princess: Renee Domenz

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RENEE DOMENZ is a blonde bombshell of the independent scene, always enchanting with an engaging presence many will find delectable. While there’s no doubt she has my vote just because I have a healthy devotion towards blonde actresses, others might already be partial to her immaculate attractiveness. It’s true she’s resplendent, from the shapely figure to her ravishing visage and there’s plenty more to revere about RENEE. She also does voice over work, commercials and modeling on top of having been awarded a Best Supporting actress award. Recognition of her work is to show an appreciation of talented women and I for one look forward to the craft they bring to the screen.

The RENEE DOMENZ BLOG details her filmography spanning the horror, comedy and drama genres with 2012 being a busy year for her. She plays a heartbreaker in the romantic comedy “Divorced Dudes” as well as executing intense scenes on the action thriller “Spades”. You may also find she’s chummy with some big names such as Jeremy Piven of “Entourage” fame and Mark Wahlberg. After all, she has been listed on IMDB as one of the Fresh Faces to watch which means we’ll be checking her out with great interest.

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