Screen Siren: Nancy Stafford

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If ever there was an actress who is the epitome of everlasting beauty, NANCY STAFFORD is classy elegance in the most fetching fashion. It’s an honor to feature such a revered TV star and NANCY is also an award-winning author as well as a popular speaker. Most prominent for her role as Ben Matlock’s assistant Michelle Thomas on hit show “Matlock”, she’s continues to enthrall viewers especially on television, most recently guest-starring on “The Mentalist”. With Christmas only days away, her film “Christmas for a Dollar” is a beautiful tapestry that reminds us of beloved Western classics which captivated a generation. She plays Mrs. Rathbone, a horse ranch owner with ties to the Kamp family, a family of five children in the care of a single father (Brian Krause). She comes off strict at first to one of the children, Norman Kamp, a child with a dream despite being crippled by polio and will ultimately be the focal point in a heartwarming story. This is yet another one of her outstanding performances as she had done throughout her career, enchanting us all with her diverse emotional characterization.

Feel-good Christmas movies and NANCY are a match made in heaven as she’s also shone previously in “Christmas Oranges” and “Christmas with a Capital C”. Of course, everyone has figured out I’m partial to blondes (NANCY is after all a former Miss Florida), you’ll be drawn to her because she’s interesting on many levels. The NANCY STAFFORD OFFICIAL SITE details her must-read bio where she’s also remarked that ‘Everyone has beauty and value. But not everyone sees it. I want you to see it.’ Striking in looks and with her literary wordplay, she illuminates us with her sheer personality. Without a doubt, NANCY is much adored around the world and a talented lady I would love to meet someday!

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