Hotties To Crave @ Sarasota Film Festival 2015

1. Renata Green-Gaber in “Mike Stone: Actor”


– Seeing how her pic is emblazoned on the pages of this year’s Sarasota Film Festival website, it’s apt that the sexy Renata gets to be in the limelight which is much deserved.
– “Mike Stone: Actor” has already been named as one of the best of the web and Renata adds that extra bit of sauciness in Episode 4 as actress Kate Sheer who is as cheeky as she is saucy. She is after all a vixen for life, a great choice for this role!
– In the upcoming thriller “What’s Eating Todd?”, she juggles both directing and acting duties in a story about an overnight camping trip that goes awry.

2. Reid Cox in “Cinema Purgutario”


– Don’t miss the enticing Reid as twirling girl actress Bree Carrington in the comedy “Cinema Purgutario” where she ruffles the feathers of an aspring indie film-maker couple.
– Known for excelling in the guise of edgy women who are for the most part blessed with innocence, she’s certainly one of the enchanters of the indie world.
– With her virtuous good looks and photogenic beauty, she’s also been quite the find in the modeling world having shot for numerous renowned photogs.

3. Clare Grant in “Phantom Halo”

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– Catch her opposite Rebecca Romijn and Tobin Bell in “Phantom Halo” about the men of a dysfunctional family who are striving for a better life.
– Does it matter that she’s not in the trailer for Clare is supremely talented on top of being a certified Screen Goddess!
– Beside lending her sensual voice to the animated series “Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.”, she will sizzle in the new creature feature face-off “Mega Shark vs. Kolossus”

4. Natalie Wilemon in “3 Days”

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– She stars in “3 Days” which is about a man who has died but has 3 days to relive his life in order to determine the fate of his after-life.
– From survival film “The Underneath” to the sci-fi flick “Flashes”, she is the epitome of gorgeousness which is complemented with her natural ability to be absorbing.
– Natalie is definitely another of the Screen Goddesses of our era as this curvaceous babe has both the personality and sex appeal to go far!

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