The Sizzling Sirens @ NorthEast Film Festival 2015

1. Victoria Gates in “Voiceless”


– September is becoming the month of Film Festivals and our addiction to indie sweethearts is on a high especially with the enigmatic rise of award-winning actress Victoria Gates.


– She’ll be the focus of enthrallment once more at this year’s NorthEast Film Fest and here’s Victoria giving us an insight into her emotionally-driven role in “Voiceless”:

I play Alexis a young woman married to an older man who is physically and mentally abusing me. I’m being forced by him to kill my unborn baby!

– From the horror genre to character driven pieces, this blonde beauty has shown her mettle as an engaging face that evokes adoration from viewers.

2. Deborah Twiss in “The Last Taxi Driver”


– Deborah is a scene stealer in “The Last Taxi Driver” as Sybil, the customer of a cabbie who has a thing for the ladies and goes through life avoiding being eaten by zombies!
– As she rants about men and in particular her husband, Deborah shows her comic chops in effortlessly embodying a woman with her own personal problems in spite of the larger issue of a zombie apocalypse around her.
– Most who have seen her work would anoint her as an Indie Goddess, classily sultry yet always authentic in the roles she’s essayed onscreen.

3. Samantha Rives Cole in “Around Every Corner”


– Catch Samantha in “Around Every Corner” as Stacey Clarke, a beautiful dreamer who is gazing at the horizon for better things in life to come her way.
– Despite being the tragic murder victim of a love triangle as Kay Parsons in the docu-reality show “My Dirty Little Secret”, Samantha showcased her comely disposition that so often warms the heart.
– Look out for Samantha in the upcoming hard-hitting action series “Blindspot” which stars Marvel’s favourite Jaimie Alexander aka Lady Sif.

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