San Diego Comic Con 2016 Spotlight: Indie Darling Premstar Santana


Embodying the dauntless essence of the indie spirit, actress Premstar Santana is fast becoming the creative vision fans should celebrate. Her short film “Seer” is screening at this year’s Comic Con and threads a most eerie psychological direction. Be sure to catch Premstar at the panel for “Seer” thus Saturday, July 23 from 9:55pm – 10:40pm. She of course wears 2 hats on “Seer” as both the leading lady and producer. It is about a woman’s struggle to reconcile with the belief that her husband was abducted by aliens or that she’s just going mad under the weight of her traumatic loss. Known for her deeply personal work onscreen, expect Premstar to excel in such a haunting story. What better than a multi-genre entertainment event like Comic Con to introduce her fascinating work to the world!

From her acting style to her choice of projects, Premstar is flying the flag for clever individualism and advancing female-fronted narratives. The industry certainly needs a positive force such as Premstar who compellingly pushes for self-expression unburdened by customary standards. While the film medium has still room to grow when compared to the insanely diverse platform of music, it’s burgeoning talents such as Premstar who are gaining respect from the indie community.

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