San Diego Comic Con 2016 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Ellen Dubin


Effusive plaudits are eternally bestowed on the ravishing Ellen Dubin for she’s the divine personification of sci-fi sweethearts. It’s apt to see Ellen adding her charismatic dazzle to this year’s Comic Con in San Diego and fans will be able to revel in the thrilling “Nobility” which she’s starring in. “Nobility” screens Friday, July 22 so if you’re at Comic Con already, be sure to fixate on Ellen in this feature that captures the spirit of science fiction with shades of “Firefly”. Acclaimed for her riveting performances as the cannibal queen Giggerota in Lexx, Jeri Slate in the supernatural series “The Collector” and the villain Dr. Lori Marette on “The Listener”, she’s absolutely eye-catching as Colonel Theia in “Nobility”. Belonging to a race of intelligent being known as The Eujins, Ellen charms us as the commanding presence who boards the Nobility ship to dispense some sage lessons.

She’s also an accomplished voice artist having lend her lavishly beautiful voice to popular games such as the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: Uprising and most recently, Fallout 4. Ellen is undoubtedly a visual and aural pleasure, a Canadian temptation to exalt! She’s even so graciously acknowledge my words of recognition from the blog piece I wrote in praise of her here: and that’s indicative of the love she has for her countless fans across the globe. In return, we most definitely cherish the artistry Ellen has showcased as a venerated entertainer.

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