HollyShorts Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Nina Bergman



Nina Bergman is ascending to become an ultimate temptation on film and we’ve hooked on her mesmeric presence. She stars in “[in]visible” which screens at this year’s HollyShorts Film Festival. Beguilingly foxy as she always does in the role of the feisty Bug who has a history with the cerebral palsy stricken Bjorn (Bryan Dilbeck). Directed by the talented Rosser Goodman, this is yet another fascinating short crafted rivetingly by a woman and will be shining at HollyShorts. “[in]visible” also has a social message with it advocating equal rights for disable actors and deservedly won the best film-maker award at the 2016 Disability Film Challenge. It’s also great to see director Rosser give license to Nina to utilise her Danish vocabulary, adding an extra texture to the fiery mettle of her character Bug.


Such is Nina’s physical prowess and beauty that it’s exhilarating to see her star in a Wonder Woman Fan Film. I believe Gal Gadot would certainly approve of her depiction as one of the most iconic and globally revered comic book heroines. I would love to see her lauded in the same breath as other Danish screen sirens such as Connie Nielsen who incidentally plays Queen Hippolyta, the mother of Wonder Woman. Fans will also be elated to know that Nina is one of the nicest actresses in the industry, her immense sex appeal is matched by her geniality. Saying ‘Du er meget smuk’ to Nina should be a recurring passionate-filled outpouring of love for her.

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