Foxy Femme: Romina Di Lella


Admirers will be pining for Screen Goddess Romina Di Lella this month as the German-Italian actress delivers her most enticing performance yet. Look out for the premiere of her thriller “Enemy Within” on 22nd Sep as she stars as the seductive Concetta.

Here’s a synopsis of her film “Enemy Within” as well her immense contributions on and off screen:

The movie takes you on a journey with Di Lella‘s character Concetta, a nightclub dancer, who finds herself trapped in a rubble of drugs, seduction and hate while she tries to make a new living in Los Angeles. Di Lella’s acting abilities shine through this snuff film as a sado masochistic killer is out to murder her. This new thrilling movie is directed by Damian Chapa with whom Di Lella worked before in her first Hollywood movie “Love Hate and Security“. Di Lella’s creative passions transcend within several aspects of the film including her role as executive producer. Her talents as a trained musical singer and dancer are also well presented. Di Lella has produced, composed, recorded and sang in the soundtrack for “Enemy Within“. The CD with the movie soundtrack of “Enemy Within“ by Romina Di Lella will be soon available. “Enemy Within“ premieres on September 22, 2016 at the Landmark Regent in Westwood.


On top of being the executive producer for “Enemy Within”, Romina truly deserves recognition for wearing multiple hats. With the impending release of “Fifty Shades Darker”, eroticism is set to dominate in the months ahead. Audiences will relish the titillating love story of “Enemy Within” especially since Romina is thoroughly sultry in a dance not to be missed! As Concetta, she’s also in a tantalising scene with Eric Roberts and how many of us would love to be in his shoes. There’s also a glimpse of her in bondage via hand cuffs which can only mean there’ll be the requisite BDSM going on. There’s also some rather intense moments in “Enemy Within” where Romina’s magnetic qualities come to the fore. I’m lucky to be able to be in touch with her and her geniality is impressive. Romina is one of the most gracious talents in modern indie cinema and one of the sexiest so expect adulation to come her way in abundance.

Do visit the ROMINA DI LELLA OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.


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