Raindance Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Celia Diane


Film Festivals are the prime events to discover up and coming talents with Celia Diane very much endearing herself to audiences at this year’s Raindance Film Fest held in London. She stars as Maya, the sparkling woman our leading man Mud (Kyle Gallner) meets on his surreal road trip to find the true meaning of living. This LA-based French actress is buoyantly enchanting in this hypnotic tale that’s for all the dreamers out there who seek the road less traveled. Check out some cool behind the scenes shots of the sprightly Celia as the colorful Maya which was filmed in IOWA.


Just from the production pics of Celia (above), one can get the impression she’s endowed with a fun sensuality very much in the vein of actress Emmanuelle Chriqui. Seeing her thread the unconventional lightness of her character in “Zen Dog” emphasizes that there’s still plenty of facets of the female form to be unlocked on film. Such is the attraction of indie films that are uplifted by the opulence of leading ladies such as Celia and she’s certainly a screen muse we would endorse.

Do visit the CELIA DIANE OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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