Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Julia Eringer

actress julia eringer hollywood reel indie film festival 2017

The genial and enticingly beautiful London-born Julia Eringer is making a commendable mark on America’s indie scene. Having won “Best Supporting Actress in a Short Film” at this year’s Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest for her work on “Eulogilia”, she’s well on her way to be a buzz-worthy actress. Written by Molly Beucher who is also the leading lady of “Eulogilia”, Julia’s character Natalie Greene encounters Molly’s Vivian Wilde, a young woman addled with an addiction to eulogize at a group therapy session. What’s more engrossing than to watch a dark comedy helm and fronted by female talents evolve into a fascinating indie gem.

2017 could also see the notable return of the slasher genre with release of “Foxtrap”, a throwback to the classic sub-genre and stars Julia in a thrilling role as Dina. It’s already been billed as ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ meets ‘House on Haunted Hill’ and the atmospheric suspense filled with numerous unexpected twists should satiate every horror fan.

Here’s the amiable Julia revealing more about her character Dina in “Foxtrap” and the myriad of intriguing projects she’s part of:

In “Foxtrap” I play Dina who is one of 6 girls who plays a prank on another girl at prom. The prank goes horribly wrong with the girl ending up hurt. Years later the friends decided to reunite. Dina is definitely one of the more feisty characters. She and Connie were best friends at school and were certainly the queen bees – the most popular girls at school. Things have changed since school days now though and Dina and the other girls barely speak. Dina is still just as feisty as ever and has a rich boyfriend that she brings along to the reunion. There is certainly a sense with Dina that she is changeable. One minute she seems to be on one side, then she’ll flit to the other. She is fickle, but clever and she certainly puts up a fight!

When it comes to other projects, I just did a play in London titled the “American Wife”. I played the lead who is a woman who’s world is turned upside down when her husband is accused of being a terrorist. She journeys to Afghanistan with a reporter to try to save her husbands life and clear his name. I play the lead in Edi Gathegi’s (Twilight, X-Men, Gone Baby Gone, The Black List, Start Up) directorial debut. It’s a psychological thriller called “Bad Chemistry” and I play a scientist who gets creative when she finds out her husband has been cheating on her. I’m also starring in web series “Girls Like Magic” where I play Magic, a British girl who has moved to Hollywood to join her successful writer boyfriend who discovers her sexuality when she meets her lesbian neighbor. I also star in Bella Monticelli’s “The Missing Knife” which is starting the festival circuit next month. I play a pregnant woman who has an obsessive disorder which focuses on knives having been traumatized by a childhood hunting accident.

actress julia eringer eulogilia

Not only is Julia portraying an impressive range of roles on screen, stage and the web, she’s also the driver of compelling content via her company Wishbone Films. This delicately graceful screen siren should be regarded as a blossoming indie starlet and we envision her going on a captivating spell for years to come.

Do visit the Julia Eringer Official Site for the latest updates.

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