Barebones International Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Kim Foster

actress lexi atkins hawaii five-0

With her adorable features, Kim Foster would be regarded with avidity as a belle of the independent scene. She stars in “Ghost Note” as Lilith, a friend of protagonist Mallory (Alicia Underwood) who just discovered a vintage record belonging to a dead blues musician. Just like in “Evil Dead” sometimes it’s better to let old records lie and to play them as how Mallory and her friends is inviting trouble. It’s a matter of time before evil starts laying waste and the bodies pile up. Go watch “Ghost Note” to see if Kim’s Lilith comes out unscathed!

It’s great to see the fetching Kim joining great talents of horror including Cassie Shea Watson, Erin Marie Garrett and Jessica Willis. Her next feature “Howlers” will see Kim threading Lycan territory as the horror flick centres on a gunfighter from the old west who returns from the grave to stop a blood thirsty werewolf motorcycle gang. Indie horror fans would have seen her in “Don’t Look In The Basement 2” as Kim, one of the patients at the newly minted Greenpark formerly known to be Stephens Sanitarium, the site of a massacre from the 1973 film “Don’t Look In The Basement”. Her scenes may come as a shock to some viewers as the building’s dark past comes back to haunt the living. Come to think of it, Kim has a vintage-like appeal that could belong in a Hammer Film horror classic. She would fit right in as a front woman of gothic aesthetics I reckon.

actress lexi atkins hawaii five-0

With a series of shorts to be released in the year ahead, we will get to more instances of the lovely Kim as she illuminates the screen.

Do visit the Kim Foster Official Site for all the latest updates.

2 thoughts on “Barebones International Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Kim Foster

  1. A unique beauty to say the least.
    I look forward to her upcoming films.

    Monroe Toler
    Film Reviews @ ” By the Light of the Silver Moon. “

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