Sibylla Deen

actress sibylla deen the last ship

The women of television rule yet again this week and Sibylla Dean turns in a performance that’s both alluring and guileful. She plays Lucia on Season 4 of the TNT action series “The Last Ship” who is a cunning survivor with designs on the fate of the world. Having tumbled into bed with Captain Tom Chandler (Eric Dane), she soon uncovers his deceit and will no doubt be looking to exact a measure of revenge on him in the coming weeks. Billed as a ruthless figure, Lucia is going to shake things up in a big way and Sibylla has already potently give us a glimpse of her unrelenting nature.

Sibylla has been turning heads for quite some time having starred in pivotal roles on “The Last Tyrant” and “Tut”, her wondrous poise ensuring admiration from viewers. She belongs to the pantheon of stunning Australian actresses with the innate magnetism that warrants fascination around the world. Next year, look out for Sibylla as she stars alongside Mark Addy a.k.a. Robert Baratheon from “Game Of Thrones” in the gangster flick “Lies We Tell”. She is set to bewitch us as Amber, the mistress of a deceased criminal whose trusted driver becomes embroiled in her complicated life. This sparkling exotic beauty is destined to mesmerise everyone as we come to hold her endearing facets with a growing reverence.

actress sibylla deen

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