Big Apple Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Dana Marisa Schoenfeld

actress dana marisa schoenfeld sasha big apple film festival 2017

There’s a big reason why we follow the exploits of indie film’s finest ladies and at the Big Apple Film Fest, we are going to fall in love with Dana Marisa Schoenfeld. It’s going to be triple the viewing pleasure for those who are attending this year’s Big Apple Film Fest with Dana Marisa Schoenfeld dazzling up the screens in 3 features. We’ve already seen the glowing Dana in the TV pilot East as well the comedic short “Swiped Right” where she also took on directing and producing duties. Both features are screening this week and she’s set to sparkle even more.

Her third onscreen appearance sees her as the leading lady of the heist feature short “Sasha” where we get to see her feminine wiles as the titular Sasha Moore. She’s the notorious and brilliant art thief who has suddenly resurfaced with her eyes on the prize of her favourite “Monet”. We do love our slinky, smart women onscreen with that charisma to inveigle the best of us and Dana embodies the finer points of being the heist mastermind Sasha. What she has done on both sides of the lens is up for massive adulation in an industry where there’s still a dearth of female voices. She’s definitely accentuating the landscape of film-making and we’re eagerly anticipating her next wave of storytelling.

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