Indie Darlings To Adore @ Outfest 2018 LGBTQ Film Festival

Elizabeth Frances & Julia Aks in “Foxy Trot”

actress elizabeth frances outfest 2018 foxy trot
actress julia aks outfest 2018 foxy trot

– Another comedic gem directed and written by a woman (Lisa Donato) would be “Foxy Trot” with the amazing duo of Elizabeth Frances and Julia Aks fleshing out their charming personas with consummate ease.
– With feisty precision, Elizabeth stars as Milo, a lesbian who proceeds to take ballroom lessons with her long time partner Kat (Laura Zak) and their ensuing power struggle threatens to boil over on the dance floor.
– In what will surely be remembered as an outlandish yet scene-stealing role, Julia is loud and proud as the rather gabby but likeable dance teacher Susie who could well show Kat and Milo the error of their ways.

Rebecca Henderson in “Tooth And Nail”

actress rebecca henderson outfest 2018 tooth and nail

– Destined to be a sought-after actress on both film and television, Rebecca Henderson who recently had a recurring role on hit series “Westworld” shows she’s adept at playing hardened women.
– In “Tooth And Nail”, she stars as Kate who is at odds with her brother Matt (Alex Kramer) who she discovers is afflicted by cancer and possibly losing his hair. Their re-connection at a family dinner turns awkward pretty fast!
– Do look out for Rebecca in the upcoming 6th Season of “Orange Is The New Black”, the Sean Penn fronted sci-fi dramatic series “The First” and a reunion with Natasha Lyonne (OITNB) in a yet untitled Netflix project.

Marri Savinar in “I’m Just Here”

actress marri savinar outfest 2018 i'm just here

– The emergence of talents who are able to juggle a myriad of roles both in front and behind the camera is incredible with Marri Savinar already making great strides as a writer of this story that’s dear to her heart.
– She instils positivity in her short “I’m Just Here” which respectfully acknowledges the struggles of a transgender but aims to depict a story of encouragement and hope, thereby being a beacon of inspiration.
– Having already worked with Martha Plimpton on “The Real O’Neals” as well as Gina Rodriguez on “Jane The Virgin”, seeing this delectable blonde on the smal screen in the near future would be most welcomed.

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