Must Watch Screen Sirens @ California Women’s Film Festival 2018

Susan Gallagher

actress susan gallagher california women's film festial 2018 picking back up

– One of the most charming women on both the big and small screen, Susan Gallagher bristles with grace and loads of innate talent which she portrays with feisty vigour in the drama “Picking Back Up”.
– Coupled with the fact that she’s up for the Best Actress Award at the Cali Women’s Film Fest, Susan’s multi-layered performance as the down on the luck Anna will cement her position as an indie film darling.
– Be sure to check her out as a homeless woman who ends up doing favours for Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) as a guerrilla marketing person in his effort to get business for his dojo on the TV series “Cobra Kai”.

Julia Parker & Ellen Gerstein

actress julia parker california women's film festial 2018 passage
actress ellen gerstein california women's film festial 2018 passage

– Some films are deserving of recognition and the familial drama “Passage” starring Julia Parker and Ellen Gerstein will leave us with a warm feeling as we take in this story that’s replete with a beautiful illumination on life.
– They play polar opposites as daughter and mother with Julia’s character Jessie struggling to find a connection with Ellen’s more eccentric June until an extended period of bonding changes everything.
– If you’re a fan of the hard-hitting drama “Bosch”, do catch Christine as Public information officer Shayda Miller who is the calming voice of the Los Angeles Police which is mired in a high profile murder.

Christine Weatherup

actress christine weatherup california women's film festial 2018 just kidding

– From being groped by Thandie Newton on “Westworld” to getting recognition for her work on the IAWTV award-winning web series “Squaresville”, Christine Weatherup has a graceful versatility when tackling roles.
– She stars in the short film “Just Kidding” as Jackie, one of the friends of protagonist Rebecca (Michele Love Santoro) who is perceived to have gotten under Rebecca’s skin thanks to their incessant discussion on having kids.
– We can also catch Anna in the horror flick “The Executioners” as Lori (Anna Shields), one of four women terrorised by a trio of intruders who crash what would have been a fun girl’s night out at a cabin by the lake.

Heather L. Tyler

actress heather l tyler california women's film festial 2018 je suis

– Luminously attractive and a fetching actress whenever she’s up on screen, Heather L. Tyler has played a range of conflicted women both on independent films as well as television notably on “The Bridge”.
– Her recurring role which she excelled with a veritable yet sensual sparkle as Jill who is revealed as having an affair with homicide detective Marco Ruiz (Demian Bichir) was a central plot point of the drama series.
– In “Je Suis”, she’s resonatingly enchanting as frazzled mum Ann who wants everything go her way but expectations don’t always meet reality when she toils over her duties on the job and as a mother of two.

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