The Must Watch Actresses @ Long Island International Film Expo 2018

Andrea Grano in “Limbo”

actress andrea grano long island film expo 2018 limbo

– In what will be a memorable performance, Andrea Grano’s portrayal of a 40 something woman discovering she has cancer via a lump on her breast is bound to be a highlight at this year’s Long Island Film Expo.
– This enchanting leading lady of the moving short film “Limbo” plays Allison Bennett who is afflicted with The Big C and Andrea projects an aura onscreen that’s brimming with authenticity that will move us.
– She garnered plenty of attention at Outfest in 2014 for her role in the comedy “BFFs” which proved she’s a hit at film festivals before she went to appear in shows such as “Shameless” and “How To Get Away With Murder”.

Summer Crockett Moore, Producer -“Block Island”

actress summer crockett moore long island film expo 2018 block island

– The multi-hyphenate Summer Crocket Moore already has awards under her belt and she’s poised to continue her roaring success on the independent scene as the producer of the tense thriller “Block Island”.
– Do catch her appearance as a police officer in “Block Island” which sees 4 friends hire a fishing boat for their graduation party only to see things going sideways when the crew has a nefarious plan in mind.
– A most ravishing actress and a creative visionary helming the independent production company Choice Films Inc, Summer did win the Best Supporting Actress Award at the Long Island Film Expo in 2012.

Sonja O’Hara in “Flare”

actress sonja o hara long island film expo 2018 flare

– Just like the title of her film “Flare”, Sonja O’Hara is indeed sizzling up the indie film landscape following the success of her features “Doomsday”, “Pee Sitting Down”, “Ovum” and “Anatomy of an Orchid”.
– The thought-provoking tangibility she can evoke as a performer, writer and a film-maker which earned her the accolade of being INDEPENDENT Magazine’s “10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2017” is to be lauded.
– Her profile is on the rise as Sonja is appearing as a nubile movie star in “Sarah Q” which reunites “The Sopranos” vets Tony Sirico, Vincent Pastore, Federico Castelluccio, William DeMeo and Artie Pasquale.

Kara Jackson in “Poughkeepsie”

actress kara jackson long island film expo 2018 poughkeepsie

– A stirring beauty with a husky voice, the gorgeous Kara Jackson has already appeared on “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and “House Of Cards”.
– Do check her out in the emotional dramatic short “Poughkeepsie” which centres on an Alzheimer’s patient who recksons he can travel back in time to rewrite his past as whilst awaiting his inevitable death.
– Known for taking on more offbeat, character-driven roles, the always enigmatic Kara has also depicted her sexy side in the romantic short film ‘Fly Away’ which screened out of competition at Cannes last year.

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