Woodstock Film Festival 2019: Afton Boggiano

actress afton boggiano woodstock film festival 2019 the rule of fours

Afton Boggiano has a radiance reminiscent of Chloë Grace Moretz and it’s her sprightly nature that should appeal to audiences at this year’s Woodstock Film Fest. She stars in “The Rule Of Fours” as Mia, the love interest of James, a man with an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder who forces him to re-evaluate his life. Just like how the protagonist acknowledges that he can’t keep his mind off her, Afton is absolutely charming as the spunky Mia. But even with her buoyant nature, Mia struggles to adapt to the impulsive habits of James. One can feel the tragic romance brewing thanks to the passion of Afton’s pained portrayal as the conflicted girlfriend.

actress afton boggiano woodstock film festival 2019 photo

Her modelling photo (above) shows clearly Afton is a splitting image of Ms Moretz and they could play sisters in a movie actually! She has however appeared in the comedy “1/2 New Year” alongside fellow cuties Shanley Caswell of “The Conjuring” fame and Ashley Platz who guest-starred on “Glow”. As the hippie girlfriend Whitney, Afton adds an engaging comedic flavor to “1/2 New Year” despite her character’s off-kilter nature. She’s also the lead in the upcoming short “Nora Gets Her Happy Ending” playing a woman who is part of a frisky couple traveling to Vegas for a threesome with an escort. We do love our fetching faces of indie films and Afton is a sweetheart many of us will find a fondness for.

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