French Vixen: Fanny Valette

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The Glam and Glitz of Cannes is a precursor to what will be a hot summer so it’s time to indulge in some French heavenliness. Let’s give a shout out to the very tasty FANNY VALETTE who like her peers, have that comely sophistication that’s impossible to resist. Unquestionably FANNY is quite the sizzler in her native France much the same way Emmy Rossum is steaming up television on “Shameless”. You may ask why I came up with the FANNY-Emmy comparison and that’s because they’re both so perkily sexy….don’t you agree that they have similar features so much so they could be sisters. The luscious lips, playful doe eyes and innocent demeanor provide an obvious trifecta of reasons why moviegoers would find FANNY VALETTE a desirable woman indeed. American audiences may know her from the thrilling survival horror of “Vertige” aka “High Lane” where she played a recreational mountain climber facing danger from both natural and human threats. The French have created a sub-genre of terror that’s reverberated globally thanks to the ingenious spin on slashers that started with the ultra-violent “High Tension” and continued with the psychedelic barbarity of “Inside”. The advent of new wave Euro horror is most welcomed and they’re usually populated by titillating female leads. We love our Feisty Final Girl and I’m glad FANNY was allowed to portray her character as a tenacious survivor in “High Lane”.

While we can’t expect FANNY to headline every Cannes Film Festival, at least the web has ensured she’s never far from admiring eyes..:) Check out her appearance in the music video of singer Max Boublil which has exceeded 4.8 million views….I presume her cleavage friendly black dress had something to do with the video’s success…hehe. From the days of classy Catherine Deneuve to the modern era Femme Fatale chic of Eva Green, the belles of France have perpetually induced lust and love. FANNY shows an impregnable vulnerability supplanted with seductiveness in her roles that we can’t help but be forever charmed.

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