Sex Bomb: Beverly Lynne

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Cinemax/HBO has BEVERLY LYNNE to thank for those guilty after-dark pleasures and she’s certainly liberal when it comes to the carnal scenes. With the features “Teeny Weeny Bikini Squad” and “Busty Housewives of Beverly Hills” next up for Beverly, the luscious blonde is surely the muse of cable erotica. Set to steam up the underground Film Festival PollyGrind as a Special Guest, both “The Atonement of Janis Drake” and web series “Tanya X” will see BEVERLY at her naughty best. Sublimely marrying comedy and sex, she’s been titillating audiences year on year in a host of softcore content that doesn’t shy from its nudity and explicitness. Of note is the sheer number of films she’s done with the word Bikini in them namely Bikini Chain Gang, Bikini Royale and Triple Bikini Trouble…Pretty sure no other actress has achieved such a feat…) While she has entertained thoughts of improving on her god-give assets, BEVERLY should be commended for forgoing breast implants and banking on having the irresistible all natural body.

At the BEVERLY LYNN OFFICIAL BLOG, one can read up on the racy exploits of this revered Queen Of Late Night TV. Some may have the dim view that skin flicks are objectifying women but here’s a woman who has a fervent belief in her abilities and gone on to take the single genre of erotica by storm. The argument of exploitation shouldn’t hold water when these days, nobody bats an eyelid if Kate Winslet goes topless who by the way has bared all whilst partaking in countless sex scenes. In fact why don’t we marvel at the light-heartedness BEVERLY can bring to the table and if there’s T&A in the offing, we’ll be rubbing our hands with glee. After all life should be viewed as a stimulating, fun ride and Beverly as the goddess to steer us on a sensual path.

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