Sexy Siren: Ona Grauer


With a sultriness that’s out of this world, ONA GRAUER has justifiably established herself as one of the foxiest ladies on planet Earth. This Mexican-born Canadian Hottie is classy elegance with incredibly seductive European features thanks to her mix of Norwegian, German and Hungarian nationalities. That very diverse heritage of hers allows ONA the flexibility to play a host of characters from the celestial to the ethereal. Renowned as a Sci-Fi Pin-Up Girl, her appearances on shows such as “V” and “SGU Stargate Universe”, the latter generating avid interest as a result of the racy scene of her as Emily Young in the throes of passion during a body transferring sex experience. It was one of the most orgasmic moments on TV judging from the moaning she emitted that could crack the sound barrier…hehe. ONA will continue to fuel the ecstasy as she’s slated to star alongside heavyweights Matt Damon and Jodie Foster in the futuristic mystery “Elysium”, directed by Neill Blomkamp, the genius who gave us the jarring apartheid allegory “District 9”. Can’t wait to see how ONA fits in the ever spiraling grand scheme of things as the viral videos promoting “Elysium” are perplexing to say the least.

Before that conundrum of a sci-fi slick, she gets to display her heroism in the disaster movie “Seattle Superstorm” as Major Emma Peterson who is tasked to stop the impending threat from an out of control weather phenomenon. It’s thrilling to watch a woman making those crucial decisions to save lives and as stunning as ONA is, she does have the sereneness to quell any form of panic. Although, she did cause mayhem on the series “Supernatural” as the Crossroads Demon, triggering the events that would eventually lead to Dean’s incarceration in HELL, a major plot point in the Winchester Boys vs Demons Universe. Affirming her goddess-like attractiveness be it on film or TV, she did portray Artemis on “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” and has been immortalized as the busty animated character Katya Kasanova on “Archer”, life saver of one Mr Sterling! In Latin, the name ONA means grace/favor and she’s quite the Vixen favored by many yet so full of grace.

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