Top Hotties From Game Of Thrones

Ahh…..UK Ladies. We can’t get enough of them…their lovely accents, sophistication and so much more. Right now they certainly are conquering the realm of television! But who’s the fairest of them all in this Beauty Game Of Thrones?

1. EMILIA CLARKE As Daenerys Targaryen


– She’s turning heads with her “Flying Eyebrows” fashion statement in every episode.
– Could she be playing the only other pure character as Daenerys on “Game Of Thrones” besides Sansa Stark?
– She recently went nude on stage for “Breakfast At Tiffany’s in an iconic role!

2. SOPHIE TURNER As Sansa Stark


– At the tender age of 17, she’s already reached acclaim in only her first role…wow!
– It’s great to see so many fighting over one central female character and Sophie nails the magnetic appeal of Sansa Stark so dazzlingly.
– Her semi-posh accent is mesmeric as can be seen in the interview (above).

3. ROSE LESLIE As Ygritte


– She puts the WILD in her wildling character, seducing Jon Stark while being stark naked!
– Her other claim to fame was from her days as the ambitious Gwen Dawson on the Brit Hit “Downton Abbey”
– A rapidly rising starlet, expect her to have a leading lady role soon or her own TV show!

4. LENA HEADEY As Cersei Lannister


– She makes being bad look so good that we can’t stop fantasizing (no incest intended..LOL!)
– Some may consider her a Hot MILF who knows how to push our buttons.
– Having 5 tattoos, it just means we want to see more of them especially the one on her back that leads all the way to her saucy derrière.

5. NATALIE DORMER As Margaery Tyrell


– Some call her the Fashionista on “Game Of Thrones” with her cleavage-friendly costumes!
– She has that mischievous allure most men can’t get enough of…;)
– Transitioned from The Tudors To “Game Of Thrones with consummate ease and her looks are so right for sword and sandal epics.

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