Indie Princess: Rosebud Baker


An instinctive performer, ROSEBUD BAKER has an intriguing element attached to her endearing subtlety. Those how know her will find she’s an intelligent talent with a fascinatingly perceptive sense of humor. She does sizzle things up in a stripper scene from the drama “Turnabout” as Sherri, showing us a side of her that’s temptingly sexy. Having seen the very scene from her reel (above), Rosebud does indeed have all the right curves! She’s a Pretty Rose alright but with them saucy jugs. In her previous film “The Maladjusted”, she’s more plain jane yet still charming in the role of Nikki who together with her friends are seemingly in the happy-go-lucky phase of their lives. She’s reeling from a disastrous marriage but is secretly pining for her friend Carl who has no clue of her infatuation. This is not your usual romantic comedy but there’s plenty to like here including the twisted humor and some skimpily-dressed ladies. Does love prevail in the end?

A New York City actress who has appeared on film, television, stage and even Reality TV, Rosebud has seen the creative parts of her career steadily grow. She’s set to star in “October 30th” which details three friends escape into the wilderness after hearing the “fake” Orson Welles radio announcement “The War Of The Worlds”. What they encounter is not a hoax but an unidentifiable entity that’s all too real! If this has you excited, keep up to date with all the latest news at the ROSEBUD BAKER FACEBOOK PAGE. Her theatre work has seen her being lauded as someone with youthful energy and she has translated this verve into her onscreen endeavors to become quite the enthralling lady.

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