Sizzling Cutie: Amanda Barton

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Expect a charmer like indie starlet Amanda Barton to start making a name for herself in a slew of horror films and keeping us absorbed. Catch her on the Netflix DVD release of “Blood Rush” which is now available to enjoy. She plays Abigail Cross, a single parent who suspects her son is infected by the very virus that has seen her town over-run by flesh-eating zombies . Taking a leaf from “28 Days Later” and “The Walking Dead” which is expected in a zombie flick, the bloody gore is peppered with the exploration of the decay of society (and not just of the flesh!). “Blood Rush” may be low-budget but it does have some crazy moments and as the distraught Abigail, Amanda shines during her pained explanation of her son’s gradual loss of humanity.

She’s also appeared in another indie horror film called “Sorority Party Massacre” playing the spunky Deputy Lang who oversees a small town. Her character assists Detective Watts (played by Tom Downey) and Sheriff Lumpkin (played by Ed O’Ross) in solving the case of a missing sorority girl and the ensuing sorority girl murders. She’s so kindly included several photos that shed light her fascinating role.


The first picture is Amanda receiving some words of wisdom from her co-star Ed O’Ross (of Red Heat, Full Metal Jacket, Universal Soldier, Lethal Weapon, and so on). Amanda adores working with Ed whom she considers a great friend and mentor.


The second picture is of Leslie Easterbrook (of Police Academy, The Devil’s Rejects, Halloween, and so on) and Amanda. She reveals that Leslie was so much fun to work with who is extremely down to earth replete with a great sense of humor.


The last picture sees Amanda, Leslie, Ed and Tom on set about to do their thing!

Because of her close kinship with many cast members and crew, Sorority Party Massacre was definitely one of her favorite films she’s ever worked on. Amanda confirms Justin Jones and Chris Freeman are amazing directors, and are wonderful leaders on set. Tom Downey and her have worked on many many films together and has shown he’s a hugely talented actor and a lot of fun on set. Her great friend Tara Lang (from Syfy’s Face Off: Season 2) was the incredible make-up and special effects artist. Amanda approves as the make-up and effects on this film are out of this world! (See the trailer below!!)

Working with all the “sorority girls” was a blast as well for Amanda. Her fellow actress Eve Mauro and her always have an awesome time and shared many laughs during the shoot!

In other news, she’s developing a female centric dramedy pilot with my writing partner Leigh Rachel Faith and is working on a few horror feature scripts of her own. 2014 is a busy and exciting year ahead for Amanda so show her as much love as she richly deserves.

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