Newport Beach Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Indie Princess Aemilia Scott

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There’s always a gem waiting to be unearthed and one to watch is actress Aemilia Scott who is able to create instances onscreen that are distinctively captivating. She is the writer, director and star of the short film “Best If Used By” screening this Sunday, April 27 at the ongoing Newport Beach Film Fest. Her satirical look at death is funny yet holds a kind of morbid appeal. Playing the almost stoic grocery store clerk Maggie, she goes to rather peculiar extremes when her boyfriend suddenly expires. Under duress, she decides to keep his dead body in the store’s cooler and in a bizarre way, tries to keep the memories of him alive. In this case, till death do we not part! The human mind can be hard to fathom with each person having his or her way of dealing with death and Aemilia perfectly captures the idiosyncratic grief of a disconcerted woman. Sleeping with her boyfriend’s corpse is but what one of the nutty ways she handles his passing. Irrational and touching at the same time! Viewers will be hooked on “Best If Used By” as there’s just something unique about how our mortality is seen in the eyes of others.

Watch the awesome interview with Aemilia (above) as she talks about her inspiration for conceiving such a humorously macabre tale. Hats off to her as an emerging filmmaker for showing the world we don’t always require huge effects to stir the human emotion. Her other appearances have been guest-starring on the first season of “Chicago Fire” as well as several comedic shorts. As a writer, her background in sketch comedy has certainly helped Aemilia achieve her vision. Delightfully fascinating is what she is and she could quite possibly gain the effusive favor of many indie fans.

Remember to drop by the AEMILIA SCOTT OFFICIAL SITE.

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