Sizzling Cutie: Lauren Alexandra

The small screen is our go-to portal of obsession, growing at a fervent pace thanks to heavenly up and coming talents such as Lauren Alexandra. She’s set to spice up Episode 3 of “The Astronaut’s Wives Club” in a green bikini and a luscious smile as the flirty Cookie. Check out the trailer above where she’s getting in a compromising position at the pool with Gordon Cooper, the astronaut hubby of an incensed Mrs Cooper (Odette Annable). Guess straying eyes and changing minds are the norm back in the ’50s even when one has a beautiful wife! Well when you gaze at the desirable Miss Lauren, would any man be at fault for falling for her charms. This Cuban/Italian cutie and a former NFL Cheerleader for the New Orleans Saints has the delightful appeal that’s primed for the hot Summer Days!

With her endeavors as a dancer and writer, there’s so many shades of Lauren we can’t wait to discover. Hats off to Lauren for her flair in being an all-round entertainer for it’s no small feat. Horror is one genre where Lauren is about to shine as she will star in “The Shelter”, the Michael Paré flick which is about a man who stumbles on a house and discovers he can never leave! We continually say yes to the women of horror and this looks to be an eternal devotion. Lauren’s appearance on “The Astronaut’s Wives Club” could well be a springboard to meatier roles and whether it’s film or television, she’s going to be piquing your interest.

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