Foxy Femme: Krista Robelle

In the months ahead, comely and curvaceous blonde Krista Robelle could well be an actress to be fascinated with. Her upcoming feature “A Place In Hell” is a frightening tale based on a real-life serial killer which will also pay homage to an iconic horror film. She would be a great fit for a show like “Scream Queens” which stars Emma Roberts seeing how Krista has the confidence and stylish allure to play a queen-bee type. She does star in “A Place In Hell” with a diva-like lusciousness but can she survive in the dead of winter whilst there’s a serial killer on the rampage. Besides the indie scene, horror has to be one of the genres where there’s a bevy of up and comers with the magnetic factor.

Blessed with a saucy bod, Krista is tellingly a temptress with one of the sweetest faces that lights up the screen. Having recently modelled in both swimwear and lingerie for charity, Krista is a dream girl to take an instant liking to. She’s also starring in “Rendezvous” which will have her alongside award-winning actresses such as Suzi Lorraine and Victoria Gates who are notable in the horror realm. Known for her love of cinema, especially her love of classic films, it won’t be long before she’s shining in a dramatic role. Krista’s bubbly and super sexy appeal is set to be a longtime turn-on!

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