Actress Spotlight: Velinda Godfrey


The women of indie are more than mesmerising us this week and the ebullient Velinda Godfrey ensures our passion is at an all time high. Screening at the Cinequest Film Festival starting March 5th, she stars in the drama “Heartland” which is going to be threading plenty of heartache as her character Lauren tumbles into an affair with her brother’s fiancee Carrie (Laura Spencer). You really can’t choose who you love and if the attraction is strong enough, sometimes we do the most reckless of things. It does put into perspective that dating apps such as Tinder, Lunchclick and the like are trying to find a good match for us when that special someone may be right in front of us. From the grief as a result of the tragic loss of her girlfriend to the complicated longing for the forbidden fruit, Velinda is beguiling and will ultimately move us as the woman searching for companionship in spite of what could be a heartbreaking ending for all parties involved.

With big name endorsements from big names such as Sarah Paulson, Julia Stiles and Jeffrey Tambor, “Heartland” is surely a must-see whether you are a hopeless romantic or otherwise. Thanks to Velinda’s intensely sterling performance, we’ll be fixating on it for some time seeing how “Heartland” has been lauded as the Lesbian Love Story of our time. This is also a film that she co-wrote and produced, yet another unveiling of the myriad of talents she has in abundance. She’s a true gem and Velinda is well on her way to becoming a beloved women of the screen so radiantly shimmering.

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