Actress Spotlight: Emily Goss


Revering Emily Goss as an ingénue is definitive what with her likeable disposition being thoroughly crush worthy. This week, she’s guest-starring as method actor Naomi Fox on “Castle” in the Shakespearean themed episode “Much Ado About Murder”. Evidently beguiling in her scenes as Naomi opposite Nathan Fillion’s Richard Castle, even being so deep-seated in character while under interrogation thus injecting spot-on banter. With her having close ties to the murder victim who is her fellow actor, it’s not long before she’s fingered as a suspect. Tune in to find out if Emily’s playing the villain of the story! It’s great to see Emily attaining covetable talent status in the arena of television as she’s already very much adored in the indie film world thanks to her stirringly emotive performance in “The House on Pine Street”. In this much lauded movie, Emily is a sensation as Jennifer, the pregnant woman who is beset by otherworldly happenings in a haunted house.


Emily is solidly making waves as a genuine talent who unflinchingly explores women at their most absorbing who are at times being pushed to the brink. Just like how she kept us on tenterhooks in her role as Charlotte Jacobsen, the unsuspecting babysitter for serial killer Patrick Murphy who became the sole survivor on “Criminal Minds” just last year. Celebrating the rise of the angelic Emily Goss is a must and her mesmeric ways have already impressed her most ardent viewers.

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