Hoboken International Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Krystal Tini


Count Krystal Tini as a lady with the natural X-Factor and because she’s so persuasively stunning, we are all blown away by her exceptional foxiness. Her voluptuous curves puts her in an enviable position of being recognised via a wealth of appreciative glances and verbal flattery. She is appearing in the serial killer thriller “A Place In Hell” where a madmen has found the perfect place to hide and stalk victims, a must-see selection at this year’s Hoboken Film Fest! On top of her screen endeavours, she’s a model to adore; from the glamor shots to those of her in skimpy swimwear, Krystal is a sizzler from every angle you can think of. She did heat up the SYFY original comedy “Jersey Shore Shark Attack”, proving to be right up there on the sexiness scale. If you’re thinking our attraction for her could be skin deep, think again for this is an actress who is capable of handling dramatic roles too. Take for instance her performance as a dancer who is coming to terms with the double trauma of rape and seeing her attacker go scot-free in the short film “White Rose”. This emotional portrayal of a damaged woman speaks volumes of her innate abilities as a vividly emotive actress.

Viewers may recall she also made an enticing appearance alongside Terence Howard who was the crime boss Alphonse targeted by the revenge seeking gangland player Victor (Colin Farrell) in the gritty actioner “Dead Man Down”. Formerly on the dance team of the Philadelphia 76ers for a number of years, Krystal is an accomplished dancer be it ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and acrobatics. Constantly honing her skills as a multi-talented performer, Krystal Tini is a name we will be hearing plenty in every phase of this industry. It would be mighty interesting to know what she has lined up next and we can already predict Krystal as having a bright future ahead.

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