Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 12 October 2016

Monique Candelaria in “Cents”

actress monique candelaria cents

– Come 15th November with the release of her indie film “Cents”, the world will witness the blossoming of the irresistible Latin Beauty Monique Candelaria.
– She stars as Angela Baca, the mother of of Sammy,a young girl learning to embrace her own brilliance as a math whiz in the moving drama “Cents”.
– Monique has also graced the small screen with such verve, notably in the hit show “Breaking Bad” and recently on “The Night Shift”.

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Emily Swallow in “How To Get Away With Murder”

actress emily swallow how to get away with murder

– Emily Swallow has a plum guest-starring role on “How To Get Away With Murder” as Miss Cameron, the mysterious woman with ties to Frank, an associate of Annalise (Viola Davis).
– Ever the enigmatic talent, Emily is fascinatingly assured in her character’s shoes, from flashbacks of her affair with Frank to tender moments with her daughter.
– “Supernatural” fans would have adored her as Amara a.k.a The Darkness where despite her immense powers, possessed vulnerabilities that’s fleshed out beautifully by the talented Emily.

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Liana Mendoza in “Mothers and Daughters”

liana mendoza mothers and daughters

– Liana Mendoza appears in the ensemble drama “Mothers and Daughters” as Grace, a drunk woman who almost gets raped, one of several interwoven storylines.
– She showed just how sultry she is on Mexican talk show NOCHES CON PLATANITO, adding the sizzle factor with her charismatic allure.
– Liana can also be seen alongside Lady Gaga in “American Horror Story” and “Better Caul Saul” as well as several new indie films so we’re in for a most entrancing ride.

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Lauren Alexandra in “The Shelter”

actress lauren alexandra the shelter

– Lauren Alexandra is an actress, dancer, model and writer with desirable virtues that would easily elicit a favourable response from admirers the world over.
– She stars as Josephine in “The Shelter” as a bartender who offers Michael Paré’s leading man Thomas some comfort by offering him a safe place to stay for the night.
– A genuine vixen from head to toe, she did entice viewers when she guest-starred on “The Astronauts Wives Club” as the luscious Cookie.

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