Sundance Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Aida Lembo

actress aida lembo sundance film festival

With the ebullient Aida Lembo appearing in a must-see feature and being the assistant director of a delightful comedy, acclamation will be streaming in for her at Sundance. First up is the drama “Gook” directed by Justin Chon where she plays Nurse Liza in a story culled from the infamous L.A. riots that ensued after the vicious beating of Rodney King. 2 Korean American brothers and an 11-year old are swept up into the violent chaos but can they survive when the rampage comes knocking at their door? Her other project that should dazzle at Sundance is “Band Aid” having been the assistant director and working alongside director/leading lady Zoe Lister-Jones to deliver plentiful laughs. “Band Aid” premise centers on an an incessantly hostile couple who decide that starting a band and turning their fights into songs could actually save their marriage.

actress aida lembo gook

With that luscious smile of hers, we’re more than inclined to follow her journey as a performer as she in turn puts a beaming smile on our faces. Her endeavors behind the camera is just as impressively significant having been part of a team helming a collection of indie films both long and short form. Aida has also been a co-star on television’s favorite medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy”. She has a glorious, energetic appeal that would find favor with viewers who love the radiant spirit of female talents. Aida’s a cert to add some dazzling zest to this year’s Sundance.

Do visit the Aida Lembo Official Site for all the latest updates.

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