SF IndieFest 2017 Spotlight: Natalie Lander

actress natalie lander sf indie fest 2017

Her heavenly cuteness is abundantly addictive and at this year’s SF Indie Fest, the comely Natalie Lander ensures our adoration for her prevails. She stars in the dramedy “Superpowerless” as Danniell, a gorgeous college English major who helps the publishing endeavors of washed up superhero Bob (Josiah Polhemus) formerly known as Captain Truth. Natalie is the personification of mesmerizing temptation as Danniell who flirts her way into his mid-life crisis heart. With Natalie’s delectable charms, it’s no surprise that a leading man would fall for her on screen as we the audience too have been in reverence of her through the years. The advent of superhero-themed projects such as the Vanessa Hudgens series “Powerless” should ignite our avidity for a refreshing spin on super beings and “Superpowerless” takes us on a rarely-seen journey of one who has lost their mojo a.k.a powers. It answers the notion of why we have an inherent fear of being normal.

Natalie herself is a scene stealer throughout, her magnetic desirability having a enamoring effect on audiences. In the hit show “The Middle”, she showcased her comic chops as the mean cheerleader Debbie who always seem to target the long suffering Sue Heck (Eden Sher). Debbie’s cavalier attitude is both snooty and sweet, a testament to the finesse Natalie brought to her memorable recurring role. Incidentally she’s starring in a play called “The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Mean Gurlz” at the Rockwell Table & Stage which runs till Mid-April. Catch her as Gretchen, part of the high-school-ruling Plastics in this visually tasty musical. She also shone in “K.C. Undercover” as the villainess Darci, the enemy agent who has a vendetta towards Zendaya’s K.C. Cooper. Even in her bad girl bookworm guise, she has endearing facets that’s irresistible. 2017 should really be the year Natalie gets to be the lead of her own TV show. We are in no doubt of the enthrallment the amazing Natalie can enrich to any episodic narrative.

actress natalie lander superpowerless

She’s also active as a voice-over artist, most recently being the voice of Stargirl in animated series “Justice League Action” as well as voicing video games such as “World of Final Fantasy” and “Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell”. With her enchanting prevalence across numerous mediums, the lovely Natalie will be a crave-worthy figure for years to come.

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