Indie Sweethearts To Crave @ Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest 2017 – Part 1

Sydney Sweeney in “Relentless”

actress sydney sweeney relentless

– With Ashton Kutcher speaking out against human trafficking in front of the Senate committee this week, “Relentless” which dramatizes the heinous human rights violation has Sydney in her most riveting role yet!
– Following up her entrancing role as photography student Hailey Summers who is accosted by a cannibal family in “The Horde”, this time around she is enthralling in her portrayal of a victim of human traffickers.
– The big news for Sydney is that she’s guest-starring on the final season of the beloved series “Pretty Little Liars”. Her dramatic onscreen work have put her on a pedestal of adoration and her star is only going to get brighter.

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Melody Melendez in “Speak Now”

actress melody melendez speak now

– Melody’s serene poise and ambrosial disposition is likely to make us an avid fan at a moment’s notice. This enchanting actress projects a dainty tenderness that beautify the the expanse of sight onscreen.
– The charming Melody stars as TJ in “Speak Now”, a bridesmaid at a bachelorette party who after a scandalous revelation has to deal with the aftermath that changes her relationship with her friends forever.
– Her previous films “Popovich and the Voice of the Fabled American West” graced the Dances With Films and “Liars, Fires and Bears” went on to dazzle the festival circuit ensuring her appeal among the indie community.

Emily Goss in “Slow Fades To Winter”

actress emily goss slow fades to winter

– Emily is a mesmeric face of independent cinema with her fetching performances on film, short form and long as well as television. She is known for her exceptional work on the horror film “The House on Pine Street”.
– She is an absorbing watch once more in “Slow Fades To Winter” as the younger version of Nancy, an Alzheimer’s afflicted woman who is the paramour of the devoted prolific television writer, Anthony Lawrence.
– With “Slow Fades To Winter” set in the 60s, Emily is becoming a fascinating talent who can indeed shine in stories of yore so look out for her as a 50s housewife in “Suburbicon” alongside Matt Damon and Julianne Moore.

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Chanel Marriott in “Fear, Love And Agoraphobia”

actress chanel marriot fear love and agoraphobia

– She’s an Aussie sweetheart turned Hollywood darling for whom many of us will have an immense passion for and the very lovely Chanel continues to stir hearts with a glowing resonance in the indie genre.
– Her character Velantina in the drama “Fear, Love, and Agoraphobia” is kind of a bad girl, a tempting manipulator in this thought-provoking drama of 2 people entrenched in their own self made prisons.
– This comely leading lady of indie favorites “Alison’s Choice” and “Loveology” was ever the luminous vision on the TV series “Rosewood” last year playing Misty Spencer, a victim of a perplexing double murder.

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Amy Lyndon Director of “Chloe’s Song”

actress amy lyndon director chloe's song

– Seeing how the anthology movie “XX” created buzz at this year’s Sundance, female directors are deservedly attaining their spot in the limelight and Amy Lyndon is an endearing auteur on the rise.
– She is the praise-worthy director of “Chloe’s Song” exploring the struggles women often face in juggling career and family as a young musician toils with pursuing her dreams while dealing with her overbearing mother.
– Incidentally Amy is a co-star of Chanel’s in Alison’s Choice and we do acknowledge the array of performances Amy has done as a stellar indie actress. 2017 is a busy year for her with multiple features in the pipeline.

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