Blonde Bombshell: Suzanne Quast

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In the first few seconds of Youtube hit “Shark Pool”, you must have laid eyes on SUZANNE QUAST in her leopard print bikini that has led to a spurt of mega infatuation from netizens. Still remember the days when Elle Macpherson was ‘The Body’… Well the cheeky parody of “Shark Night”, “Shark Pool sees SUZANNE parading her curves and exhibiting her virtues as a sizzling honey. It’s quite apparent Sara Paxton does have some serious competition in the Bikini Babe stakes. Thanks to Lifetime’s “The Craiglist Killer”, a dramatization of murderer Philip Markoff’s life, I saw glimpses of her sensual facade although she was at the wrong end of a battering. Playing Amber, one of many victims to fall prey to the armed robbery sprees of Philip Markoff aka Craiglist Killer, she made an instant impression. In fact, Suzanne has constantly shone in guest-starring roles on TV shows, namely “The Nine Lives Of Chloe King”, “NCIS: LA” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. Don’t forget to check her out in the erotic “Lesbian Cops: The Movie”, a hilarious send-up of buddy cop shows of the 70s as her seductiveness comes to the fore amidst the madcap humor.

Billed as a dedicated up and comer, she also fare wells in some of the grittier themes especially since she’s slated to be in “The Grief Tourist” alongside Melanie Griffith whom I haven’t spotted for ages! Touted as Taxi Driver meets Monster, this could be a sleeper hit although it will only be released sometime around 2013. There’s a fair way off but you can enjoy SUZANNE in the short film “The Judas Cradle” in what is by far her most disturbing role to date. She does brilliantly to push the envelope of a shattered psyche as a woman who is handed the gift of revenge. With her breathtaking sauciness and absorbing talent, SUZANNE’s bright future is written in the stars.

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