Hollyshorts Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Indie Princess Brooke Hoover

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Funny women are indeed a lovable lot and Brooke Hoover has the bubbly demeanor to endear herself to us. Catch her in “Trust Me I’m a Lifeguard” screening on Aug 17 as Smitty, a mean lifeguard in the short that’s made a splash recently at Tribeca and Soho Film Festivals. Women in comedy and the indie genre are indeed a match made in heaven so it’s nice to see talents such as Brooke getting buzz. As they say it’s just much more fun playing mean and Brooke does have some sarcasm thrown in for good effect! Brooke has been thoroughly supportive of the work I’m doing via this blog and highlighting actresses who are on the cusp of notability so it’s fitting to have her on our radars.

Avid “Law and Order: SVU” fans would have seen her in several episodes where she was a guest star. She’s also been on “What Would You Do?” on ABC twice so far as an improv actor since she has a solid improv background and she’s remarked how great it was working with John Quinones. John is of course a respected ABC News correspondent and host. We’ve seen Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig and Mindy Kaling tickling us pink these past few years so there’s every chance Brooke can achieve those same heights. One of her upcoming features “The Runner” is a rather high profile one with Nicolas Cage and Sarah Paulson at the helm so it could be the film where her talents are spotted.

Remember to check out the BROOK HOOVER OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates on this up and coming comedienne.

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