Rising Starlet: Carolina Ravassa

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The rise of feminine faces continue on the small screen with the beguiling Carolina Ravassa very much in our passionate sights. Multi-faceted and multilingual, Carolina is a lady of many flavors which in itself gives her appealing shades of intrigue. She’s already been eye-catching on the Showtime series “The Affair” in the very first episode, almost stirring the heart and libido of protaganist Noah Solloway’s (Dominic West). Setting the tone of the episodic drama which is a study of infidelity, one can understand why Noah would harbor thoughts of entering into a liaison with the captivating Jules (Carolina’s character) after a brief encounter although he eventually succumbs to lust with Alison (Ruth Wilson). With the upcoming finale of “The Affair” in its first season, it’s the best time to have a glimpse of the luminous cutie that is Carolina who does appear again in the 10th episode.

Looking forward to doing some Q & A with her in the weeks ahead and getting her to unveil some of her exciting projects. With a host of indie roles ahead and her talents extending to voice-over as well as an accomplished dancer, Carolina is likely to gain avid attention soon enough. Grand Theft Auto V fans would know her as the voice behind the feisty getaway driver Taliana Martinez. This Colombian born cutie has ample charms to be a desirable lady in the making.

Remember to visit the CAROLINA RAVASSA OFFICIAL SITE to keep up with all the latest updates.

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