Indie Princess: Lili Baross

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Mesmerizing and breathtakingly captivating, Lili Baross is surely bound to be very much sought after. She shone as the leading lady Gretel in The Asylum horror flick “Hansel Vs Gretel, towing the line between Good and Evil as she falls under the influence of a dark spell. As you will discover playing the villain lets Lili explore the multi faceted personality which has that extra bit of edginess, a boon for any actress. This Hungarian/British stunner is more than adept at channeling naughty and nice! I recently saw Olivia Wilde on the show “Real Or Magic” headlined by David Blaine and Lili has a similar allure that invokes constant passion. Likewise we’ve been treated to some insanely sexy women in movies with links to Hansel and Gretel namely Gemma Arterton (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters), “Castle” starlet Molly C. Quinn (Hansel and Gretel Get Baked) and Stephanie Greco (from the first film “Hansel & Gretel). Adding her own hypnotizing dimension, many will acknowledge Lili as being a covetable beauty in her own right.

Here’s Lili giving us a glimpse into her role as Gretel and a look at her upcoming projects:

I play Gretel, Hansel’s sister. Gretel is definitely a trickster and knows how to get what she wants. Throughout the film she shows you how manipulative she can be and if she is willing to put her loved ones in danger to get what she wants or if outside forces are manipulating her for an even bigger purpose. It was so much fun playing Gretel and tap into a character that has a lot of levels, you just never know if she is your best friend or your worst nightmare.

I’m working on a couple of indie projects right now, I love action type films. My dream career would be to follow in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie since I love action and powerful female roles. Golden Age Heroes of Men is one where I play Silk Raven and Technopolis is a pilot of SyFy where I play Vermillion. Both ass kicking females haha.

Everyone loves a female action star with a sensual X-factor and there’s plentiful reasons (her hot pic above being one of them) to suggest Lili is on her way in getting a piece of the limelight.

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